Davis Carlson Memorial

The Davis Carlson Memorial was formed January 2006 in loving tribute to our son and our community. Davis passed away December 25, 2005, at the age of eleven, at Children's Hospital in Seattle following a twelve month battle with leukemia.

The memorial was created because of the outpouring of community support for Davis and his family throughout his illness. We—friends, family and community—honor Davis’ legacy through this memorial.

Our main purpose is to support the communities of Stanwood and Camano Island, Washington by holding events that raise money for reinvestment in our local area through grants and scholarships. These awards are offered to organizations or people who focus significant efforts on community service.

Davis Place

Currently, the majority of our financial effort is going toward building a new community center for the children of the Stanwood–Camano area. We have partnered with the Stanwood–Camano Resource Center to hold fundraisers for a new building named Davis Place.

Get Involved

Check out one of our fundraising events to get directly involved with the community.

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