DCM Community Service Scholarship

The DCM Community Service Scholarship is awarded to a Stanwood High School graduating senior each year. The scholarship is awarded based primarily on the merits of the applicant’s community service. The Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation administers the scholarship on behalf of the Davis Carlson Memorial.

Scholarship Application

To apply, visit the Stanwood-Camano Area Foundation's High School Scholarships website then download, complete and enter the two required application forms.

Connor Pratt

Connor Pratt - 2011

Jamie Jacobs

Jamie Jacobs - 2010 Scholarship Winner

Ben Ulrich

Ben Ulrich - 2010 Scholarship Winner

Leah Titus

Leah Titus - 2009 Scholarship Winner

Courtney Collins

Courtney Collins - 2008 Scholarship Winner

Whitney Campbell

Whitney Campbell - 2007 Scholarship Winner

2006 - Maggie McKinney

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