Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament

Each year we offer a Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament in the Stanwood area. This event has become a popular attraction for many local card players. Dinner is always provided and you have an opportunity to win prizes and raffles throughout the night. With more than 70 participants, the atmosphere is always exciting and the final table's take is generous.

Stanwood Ruffians at 2011 Tournament

Garry Carlson, Brad Rochon, Garrett Galbreath, Joe DeFelice, John Galbreath, Doug Flickner and Terry Everett in 2011

2014 Tournament

Where: Stanwood–Camano Fairgrounds
Bonnie Cole Building
6431 Pioneer Highway
Stanwood WA 98292 (map)
When: April 26, 2014 - 5:00
Dinner served at 4:00
How: Fill out the entry form on the right and follow the instructions for entry.
Cost: $100

All entries are requested (not required, but it makes organizing much easier for us) to be paid in full by April 1, 2013. We need to get an accurate count as soon as possible so we can figure out chips, tables, payouts, dinner, etc.

All participants must be 21 years old or older.

Past Tournaments


Congratulations to Nicholas Schultz. The 2013 final table was:

  1. Nicholas Schultz
  2. Dirk Deyoung
  3. Marna Jones
  4. Ben Magnuson
  5. Reid Huntington
  6. Mike Myers
  7. Dave Warren
  8. Brad Rochon
  9. Paul Rochon
  10. Dale Tetlow


Once again we broke our participant record with over 90 players. The 2012 tournament produced our first back-to-back winner with Brad Rochon raking all the chips at the end of the night. Nice job Brad! We are so pleased with this event and the participation within the community. We look forward to next year's tournament knowing the money we raised this year will help break ground on Davis Place Teen Center.

Terry, Brad and Garrett

Terry and Garrett congratulate Brad on his win

  1. Brad Rochon
  2. Brian Roper
  3. Garrett Galbreath
  4. Joe Steffen
  5. Terry Everett
  6. Ron Gentry
  7. Bob Havens
  8. Matt Shore
  9. Kim Schultz
  10. Cliff Larson


The 82 participants in the 2011 tournament was the largest group the event has ever had. The Bonnie Susan Cole building at the Stanwood-Camano Fairgrounds once again turned out to be a perfect venue for our growing needs. The entry fees, raffles, mystery chip draws and donated winnings allowed us to clear $4,800 for the memorial. Ultimately Brad Rochon outlasted everyone, including second-place winner, Dave Warren, to win the 2011 tournament. Brad went into the final two with a sizeable chip lead and used that advantage to get Dave to go all–in within a few hands.

Garry Presents Plaque to Brad

Garry Carlson presents the winners' plaque to Brad

  1. Brad Rochon
  2. Dave Warren
  3. Marna Jones
  4. Doug Jones
  5. Michael Myers
  6. Andrew Kallock
  7. Matt McCune
  8. Rick Roberts
  9. Doug Flickner
  10. Darryl Wood


While the total number of participants was down in 2010, the popularity of the tournament forced a move to the Bonnie Susan Cole building at the Stanwood-Camano Fairgrounds to gain more room for the 64 entrants. Terry Everett eventually topped Jack Carlson to become the youngest tournament winner to date.

Terry Everett with Garry

Terry Everett is presented the winners' plaque from Garry

  1. Terry Everett
  2. Jack Carlson
  3. Terry McKean
  4. Mark Impson
  5. Alex Barashkoff
  6. Justin Flener
  7. Randy Heagle
  8. Mike Pelham
  9. Ben Tanielian
  10. Nate Dunham


Tazer Valley Farm again hosted the fourth annual tournament. The 73 players were eventually whittled to the top ten. Barbara Tetlow outlasted her husband, Dale, and replaced him at the final table. Michael Myers worked his way through the field and eventually knocked off Dave Pranghofer in the final hand to place first.

  1. Michael Myers
  2. Dave Pranghofer
  3. Coy Jones
  4. Jody Moran
  5. Nate Dunham
  6. Kim Schultz
  7. Barbara Tetlow
  8. Charles Descalzi
  9. Brad Rochon
  10. Dave Warren


For the third year in a row, we played poker at Tazer Valley Farm. Ten players worked their way through a field of 72 players to the final table. Garry Carlson finished seventh in his own tournament this year. For the second year in a row, Oran Fjarlie made the final table. Ben Magnuson eventually beat Fletcher Larson in the final hand to win the tournament.

First Place 2008

Ben Magnuson receives the first place plaque from Garry Carlson


Dinner is provided prior to the tournament

Time to Make a Move

Jerry Carlson contemplates making his move (does he have trip deuces?)

Table Action

See? It's a friendly tournament


In addition to dinner, several people donate desserts

Rake It

Terry Carlson wins this pot, Terry McKean probably talked through the entire hand

  1. Ben Magnuson
  2. Fletcher Larson
  3. Dale Tetlow
  4. Duane Sedy
  5. Max Bahr
  6. Curt Kramme
  7. Garry Carlson
  8. Ralph Wilson
  9. Mark Impson
  10. Oran Fjarlie


In 2007 the event was once again held at Tazer Valley Farm. With a field of 73 participants, there was plenty of action well into the evening. Eventually Clint Kallock outlasted the nine others at the final table to take home top prize. We are grateful to Clint and his wife, Donna, for donating his entire winning–take back to the memorial. Thank you, Clint and Donna!

First Place 2007

Clinton Kallock receives the first-place plaque from Matt Brennan

The Green Visor

Those are some might big stacks near the end of the night

  1. Clinton Kallock
  2. Oran Fjarlie
  3. Doug Flickner
  4. George Zeigen
  5. Brad Rochon
  6. Mike Henderson
  7. Ben Magnuson
  8. Alex Barashkoff
  9. Reid Huntington
  10. Michael Dormer


The first annual tournament was held at Tazer Valley Farm in Stanwood. We had 73 participants who competed for the championship. The final table of ten players battled until Johnny Walker out-dueled Greg Koetje for the top spot.

First Place 2006

Johnny Walker receives the first place plaque from Matt Brennan

Table Action

Some of the players at the 2006 event

Table Action

Garry Carlson appears to be short-stacked

Table Action

The women always make a strong showing

Table Action

Blinds go up in just under 13 minutes!

Table Action

Someone has a decision to make

Thank You!

Hosts Debi Wilson and Shannon Peddycord draw for prizes

  1. Johnny Walker
  2. Greg Koetje
  3. Doug Pell
  4. Max Bahr
  5. Tom Reynolds
  6. Zach Ward
  7. Rick Sill
  8. Rick Newman
  9. Mike Wade Sr.
  10. Ray Impson


If you would like to sponsor the tournament, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss the sponsorship options with you.

Entry Form

Download this year's entry form (in PDF format), fill it out and snail-mail it with your entry fee to the address in the document.


We want thank the Hold ‘Em Tournament volunteers. Without their tireless efforts, this event could not happen. Thank you!

Planning Committee: Debi Wilson, Shannon Peddycord

Dealers: Gary Ray, Steve Anderson, Rita Lombardo-Brennan

Food Committee: Anita Carlson, Merry Carlson, Claudia Mosteller, Natalie Shablo

DCM Custom Chips

On occasion, poker chips with the Davis Carlson Memorial logo are handed out at events. The black chip was given out at a Double Eagles for Davis event and the other two chips were handed out at Hold ‘Em Tournaments.

Davis Carlson Memorial Custom Poker Chips

Red, Black & White Davis Carlson Memorial Poker Chips

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